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Pendant is 1" wide by 1 3/4" long and the substantial hand fabricated chain measures 20" long.

REF: 0014

PRICE: $2,000.00


Have your own custom high end gem bone inlay pendant made! This example necklace consists of a one-of-a-kind Continuum SIlver Gembone Inlay Pendant with a hand fabricated heavy duty Continuum chain. We nick-named this gem dinosaur bone “Candy Corn” due to some of the colors and cell patterns that resemble the bright colored candy. The pendant portion of this necklace was made from one of our own individually hand carved wax models (not a mold). We also create hand fabricated setting for inlay spending on the design. Our in-house lapidary specialist, Mark Anderson, used his signature channel style inlay design, where both the bottom and the top of the bone are exposed… leaving more of this gorgeous gem material visible. The chain was hand wrought from heavy stock Continuum wire, with each link securely soldered. This is a chain that will last and stand out from prefabricated chain in both it’s craftsmanship and durability.

This is not your typical glued form of inlay… Mark Anderson’s inventive inlay technique does not require glue and is made to stand the test of time and can handle more wear and tear than the commonly found form of inlay jewelry. Pendant is 1″ wide by 1 3/4″ long and the substantial hand fabricated chain measures 20″ long. This is a beautiful example of premium gem dinosaur bone… part of a collection that has taken nearly a decade of dedication towards finding the most unique, highest grade gem dinosaur bone available. This is not the common, less vibrant gembone found in most jewelry. Mark Anderson’s passion in sourcing the best gembone he can find, along with his quest for perfection in his work, result in heirloom quality pieces of wearable dinosaur bone art.

For anyone new to the new, higher grade of sterling silver called Continuum, please read below for a full description (courtesy of Stuller, Inc.).
While this form is silver is substantially more expensive than traditional sterling silver, the benefits greatly outweigh the cost difference.

Developed by Stuller, Continuum™ sterling silver has over 95% precious metal content. It is considered a European-friendly sterling silver, as it contains no nickel. It is a grade 1 bright white metal.

This patent-pending sterling silver has an as-cast hardness that allows setting of high quality stones in a sterling silver jewelry. This, combined with superior oxidizing and tarnish resistance, allows for a finish that will last longer.

It can easily be age hardened up to 150 HV, making it comparable to the “as-cast” hardness of 14kt gold. It remains ductile after hardening and can be used to make high quality earring clutch backs and other jewelry components that require springiness.

Continuum’s mechanical properties fall between those of 14kt yellow gold and most other sterling silver alloys. This versatile alloy can be used for casting, die striking, and producing mill products. It can be worked at the bench with ease.

Different Seasons Jewelry