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REF: 004

PRICE: $2,999.00


This is a custom listing for one of our premium custom cast 14k gold ring with gorgeous agatized dinosaur bone inlay. Our rings are not hollow, made in a variety of weights to suit each client. Our average total ring weight for a man’s ring is 23 grams of gold!

This substantial solid 14k gold ring was cast from our own hand carved wax model and cast using the lost-wax-casting method… everything is hand-crafted in-house. Our inventive inlay technique is very durable and made to last a lifetime. This is a well-crafted ring design strong enough for daily wear-and-tear.

We have a wide variety of gembone colors and patterns to choose from. Certain higher end bone choices will increase price. Our dinosaur bone is 100% natural and untreated gem grade bone collected from the Moab,Utah area. We have an extensive collection of top grade agatized gem dinosaur bone in a wide variety of colors and patterns for custom jewelry. We use only the best of the best for our solid gold inlay ring designs. Collecting gem dinosaur bone is our specialty.. and our passion!

This ring example used at the top photo this listing was published in a book Exotic Gemstones Vol 2 as an example of top quality gem dinosaur bone. If you are interested in that particular ring, please contact us at info@differentseasonsjewelry.com… it is currently being displayed at a gallery but is still available for a limited time.
Rings are also available in 18k gold. Please contact us for a price quote.

Feel free to ask us any questions and to read our blog on gem dinosaur bone for gemology information on this extraordinary material~ http://differentseasons.ganoksin.com/blogs/2009/08/08/agatized-dinosaur-bone/

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