The Jewelry creations of Different Seasons are as varied as they are unique. The combination of artistic vision and inspiration between this family of artists results in some wearable art that is unique, exceptional in quality and exceeds the ordinary. Many of the pieces created by this team of artists is born through a collaborative process that begins with raw gemstone, pencil and paper. To see one of their pieces from start to finish, please visit the "Concept to Completion" page. The full portfolio of Different Season's work is quite large. This is a page featuring highlights, favorites of both the artists and their fans.

The Tanzanite Roses box-style pendant and necklace, made from solid 18k gold, 22k gold, tanzanite and diamonds. Every aspect of this design was first drawn by hand and then transferred to metal through hand-engraving techniques, cold connection (rivets, no soldering) and other traditional goldsmithing techniques.

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Spectrolite Jewelry



Read more on this fascinating gemstone material on our Spectrolite Page

Spectrolite Butterfly~ This amazing 18k gold butterfly is detailed with hand engraved scroll-work overlay, 22k gold settings, a hand fabricated 18k opal-scrolled charm accented chain and an18k opal & pink sapphire butterfly clasp dangle/chain extension. This necklace includes a gorgeous variety of high quality gems, including 4 top quality Finnish spectrolite cabs cut in-house by Mark Anderson, 3 varieties of Australian opal, faceted tanzanite, pink and yellow sapphire and bright blue apatite. As always, this piece is 100% hand fabricated. This necklace was a collaborative project, by Mark and Jessa Anderson.



An example from the DS series of reversible spectrolite pendants. Hand engraved scrollwork, spectrolite with tanzanite and pink spinel accents.


Gem Dinosaur Bone Jewelry



Premium grade gem dinosaur bone is one of the most loved and requested gemstone choices offered by Different Seasons Jewelry. Mark Anderson's inventive, patent-pending inlay technique results is a higher quality, longer lasting piece of inlay jewelry that does not rely on glue as most inlay jewelry does. The gembone jewelry Different Seasons offers ranges from one of a kind, individually carved and cast inlay rings, inlay pendants, inlay bolo ties, inlay cuff-links and hand fabricated gem dinosaur bone jewelry in various styles.

Learn more about gem dinosaur on the page dedicated to Gembone


Gem Dinosaur Bone & Solid 14k Gold Inlay Ring

Hand Fabricated 14k and 18k Palladium White Gold Gem Dinosaur Bone Ring

14k/18k Palladium White Gold Hand Fabricated Ring with matching Gembone Inlay Pendant. This set was nick-named "Girly Bone" due to exceptionally rare variety of bright pastel colors.

Hand Fabricated Reversible 22k Gold Gembone Earrings.

Hand Fabricated 18k Gold Gembone Ring with Brushed Finish.

Gembone Inlay Bolo Ties (available in various precious metals)



Hand Engraved Deer Creek Fire Agate Ring in Continuum silver and 22k Gold

Learn more about this gorgeous gemstone material on our Fire Agate page~



 A variety of one-of-a-kind jewelry made by the D.S.J. team

14k gold floral overlay, sterling silver, premium gem grade Andamooka Gem Matrix opal and chrome diopside accents.


A sterling based brooch with hand engraved overlay, a crystal opal set in 22k gold and 24k gold granule accents.


 Spiderweb opal inlay ring with pink spinel and enamel accents and an opal inlay spider. Hand carved and cast in-house.

Midnight Necklace~ Large rare blue-purple Andamooka Gem Matrix opal set in sterling silver with a bright blue sapphire accent surrounded by a hand engraved floral design and topped off with a hand knotted black pearls.

Fire Snake necklace~ Custom made for Gene Simmons (from the band Kiss) son, artist Nick Simmons. Hand carved and cast in-house, with beautiful Mexican fire opals.

Jean's Bat~ Hand carved, cast and later hand engraved, this custom bat necklace features beautiful Tsavorite garnet accents set in 18k gold and facial accents in 22k gold.

For a more complete look at our portfolio of past works, feel free to visit our Flickr albums~



Scroll-work Overlay and Hand Engraved Rings~

Jessa Anderson's signature scroll-work and Art Nouveau themed ring line~ Rings are intricately hand engraved, often including overlay for added dimension. These stunning pieces include various rare, exotic gemstones and combined precious metals. Accent gems such as sapphires, diamonds and other precious gems are often added. All rings are one-of-a-kind and hand fabricated. Jess and Mark also do intricate one-of-a-kind hand engraved rings without overlay. Most gems within this series are cut by DSJ's lapidary and gemology expert, Mark Anderson.

Gorgeous Lightning Ridge solid opal with a sterling band, thick 18k gold hand engraved overlay, a 22k gold bezel with sapphire and diamond accents set in 22k gold.

Back detail of the Lightning Ridge opal ring, showing diamond and sapphire accents inset within 22k gold.

This ring features authentic Strawberry Quartz from Kazakhstan set in 22k gold and hand engraved Sterling.

 Star Moonstone Ring~ Moonstone set in 22k gold, Continuum silver band and hand engraved Continuum overlay.



14k yellow gold ring with 14k rose gold overlay and a fire opal set in 22k yellow gold.


Disdero Agate with hand engraved Continuum Silver


Hand Engraved Deer Creek Fire Agate Ring in Continuum silver and 22k Gold

Learn more about this gorgeous gemstone material on our Fire Agate page~





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