Hand Fabricated 18k Gold Premium Gem Dinosaur Bone Ring


This is a listing for a solid 18k gold ring, fabricated from your choice from our stock of premium gem dinosaur bone.

We have a wide variety of gembone colors and patterns to choose from. Certain higher end bone choices will increase price. Ring sizes above size 10 may add additional gold cost depending on design choice. Our dinosaur bone is 100% natural and untreated gem grade bone collected from the Moab,Utah area. We have an extensive collection of top grade agatized gem dinosaur bone in a wide variety of colors and patterns for custom jewelry. We use only the best of the best for our solid gold inlay ring designs. Collecting gem dinosaur bone is our specialty.. and our passion!

  Turn-around time for ring completion depends on our current work-load.


The cost of this listing reserves your custom project. Once project has begun this listing fee acts as a deposit. All deposits are non-refundable once design work has begun.

Ref: 0015 Price: $5,000.00

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