One of a kind design 22k and 18k gold Patagonia Agate Pendant


This is a beautiful, candy colored gem cut from a Patagonian agate. I gave it a very high dome to accentuate the vibrant candy colors.

This reversible pendant was hand fabricated and engraved using 22k gold for the thick bezel holding the gem. The back is 18k gold that has a one of a kind hand engraved, relief style, so the leaves are higher than the stippled background.

This was the first piece we actually had our 7 year old daughter Cloe help us in the design process. She went over the fine details and fixed a few small areas before we transferred it onto the metal to be hand engraved under a surgeons microscope.

The pendant measures 35x28mm without the bail and is almost 8mm thick.

Ref: 1 Price: 3000

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