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continuum silver

The Ground Breaking Alloy used by DIfferent Seasons Jewelry

One of D.S.J.’s Continuum Silver, platinum and diamond snowflakes.


The artists of Different Seasons use Stuller’s Continuum silver exclusively as their silver metal of choice.They strive to use the finest gems and metals available. After extensive fabrication and casting test sessions, Continuum has proven that it out-preforms other forms of silver in workability, durability and in terms of creating a top quality finished product for their clients.

A description from the creator of Coontinuum, Stuller.


Continuum™ sterling silver is by far the hardest sterling silver ever
developed by Stuller. It has over 95% precious metal content. It is
considered a European-friendly sterling silver, as it contains no nickel.

Invented and developed by Stuller with the intent to bring a value added
metal to jewelry market, this patent-pending sterling silver will
outperform other sterling silvers presently available on most of the
desired characteristics. Continuum has a much higher as-cast hardness
that allows setting of high quality stones in a sterling silver jewelry
product. The improved as-cast hardness and a much tighter grain size
allow a better finish that will last longer. It provides superior oxidizing
and tarnish resistance than other high tech sterling silver alloys. Its
potential reputation as the industry leader in temper and durability
alone could set it apart from the competition.

A testimonial by Vic Joyner, an artist with over 30 years of traditional metal-smithing and industrial design:

In recent years I have been looking for a cost effective sterling silver
alternative in the face of rising gold and platinum prices, but I also
needed a metal hardness suitable for diamond setting. A variety of new sterling silver alloys have been introduced to the jewelry industry
recently, but apart from anti-tarnish improvement, the real mechanical
strength problem has remained. Lack of hardness often results in
difficulty with finishing, design, shape retention, and stone security.
I had asked many of my metallurgist friends and contacts in the
industry, but the answer was always the same; with only 7.5% of nonsilver
components in sterling, hardness similar to 14kt gold would
appear to be impossible.

That is until Darrell Warren, Vice President of Merchandising at Stuller,
revealed that no one had told this to John Butler, a 22-year veteran of
the company and a member of Stuller’s Research and Development
Department. What had appeared to be impossible to most in the
industry has become a reality at Stuller. John Butler had invented what
is now called Continuum.

For more information, please read “Continuum How the Ground-Breaking Alloy Came to Be”.

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