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premium fire agate

Fire Agate is described as a variety of agate containing inclusions of goethite or limonite, producing an iridescent effect or “fire”.
The color layers are often described like breath on a pane of glass. The thin layers in this material diffract light back to the eye in rainbow patterns of red, green, yellow and blue. The beautiful colors in fire agate may appear as tiny pinpoints, bubbles, bull’s eyes, flashes, specks, swirls or even as a combination of patterns making for endless possibilities. The world’s fire agate deposits stretch from southwest United States to northern Mexico. Fire agate has been reportedly found in at least 15 locations on Arizona such as Slaughter Mountain and Deer Creek.
Fire Agate is among our favorite gems and we have a collection of some rare and unusual hand carved and cabbed specimens. We will be adding new jewelry work to this website containing some of our amazing fire agate gems in the near future:)

Some of the gems in our jewelry were cut from the rough we mined during our visit to the Deer Creek fire agate mine in January 2009.

“Ice Cream in the Fall” Necklace~ Fire agate from Slaughter Mountain, blue diamond, purple spinel, white & orange sappires and tsavorite garnets set in sterling silver and 14k gold.

rnets set in sterling silver and 14k gold.

A one-of-a-kind Deer Creek fire agate ring in Continuum silver and 22k gold.



The photos below are examples from the Different Seasons Collection:

A Premium and Rare Crackle Patterned Fire Agate

Hand Carved “Green Bubbles” Fire Agate

Magenta Eye Formation Fire Agate

Different Seasons Jewelry