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Spectrolite is one of the rare and exotic gemstones Different Seasons Jewelry is well known for. We incorporate the highest quality Finnish spectrolite available into our jewelry designs. Our spectrolite gemstones and jewelry have been featured by gemology Author Renee Newman in her Exotic Gemstones book series.

Spectrolite was discovered by accident in 1940 during the Second World War, when stones were being quarried along Finland’s eastern border to form antitank obstacles. The name Spectrolite was given by Professor Aarne Laitakari.

Spectrolite, the most valuable and rare form of labradorite, is a beautiful semi-precious gemstone with an iridescent play of color. Spectrolite is a member of the feldspar labradorite stone family, but it has many differences that set it apart from the more common labradorite. Spectrolite was entitled a gem name of its own because of the rainbow rich variety and depth of colors.The base color of spectrolite ranges from medium gray to a dark gray/black. As you move the stone in and out of light at different angles you will see the brilliant and unexpected flash of color, an effect known as “Labradorescence” or “Schiller”. The appearance and disappearance of color-play is its most striking feature in this gemstone. This stone belongs to the plagioclase feldspar group. Other examples of popular feldspar varieties include sunstone, moonstone, amazonite and noble orthoclase.

Spectrolite is found only at Ylamaa, a remote location in eastern Finland. The most valuable and rarest spectrolite displays an amazing combination of shades of red, magenta, pink, purple, violet, bright teal blue,green, yellow and orange…. virtually the entire color spectrum.

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