Different Seasons Jewelry

REF: 003

PRICE: 1,500


Different Seasons Jewelry’s custom Bolo Ties are all made with our own hand carved wax models and cast in-house. Every aspect of this design is crafted by hand, using traditional lost wax casting and metalsmithing techniques. Our Bolo Ties are crafted to stand the test of time, using only the highest quality materials. Unlike most Bolo Ties, ours are made without the use of prefabricated components or glue…including the tips and the cord attachments on the back of the bolo.These pieces are made using our own signature channel style inlay design. The channel setting leaves both the top and the bottom of the stone exposed, which shows the full beauty of the gem material. A harder gemstone such as gem dinosaur bone or agate is needed for this design to work. We have a wide variety of gem dinosaur bone colors/patterns and agate varieties to choose from. In this custom listing, we have shown some examples of our previous custom bolo designs. These are solid, hefty pieces… nothing hollow or cheaply made. We use an inventive technique to attach the tips by drilling tiny holes and inserting wires through the metal and leather, essentially riveting the tips to the leather… a nice alternative to the common practice of gluing the leather and the tips together.

Turn-around time for these bolo ties will depend on our current custom work-load. Prices vary depending on gem choice, metal choice and any special requests concerning design. We currently offer these bolo ties in 18k gold and a very high grade of sterling silver called Continuum silver.Continuum is the hardest sterling silver is existence and is also tarnish resistant.

Different Seasons Jewelry