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Different Seasons is a family-based collaborative art jewelry studio that encompasses a rare variety of techniques and skills, including wax carving and casting, traditional metalsmithing techniques and an extensive lapidary studio where they cut and carve the finest and rarest gems available. Different Seasons’ jewelry designs are remarkable in their variety due to the combination of personalities and talents within this small family of artists. Different Seasons incorporates the work of the two primary members of the team, Mark Anderson and Jessa Anderson; two talented artists who combine their individual strengths to create extraordinary pieces of jewelry. They work both on an individual basis and a collaborative basis. Their collaborative works exceed the ordinary, resulting in inspired pieces of art that capture the passion they feel for their craft.

The jewelry made by Different Seasons is created using traditional techniques, their own one-of-a-kind hand drawn designs, one-of-a-kind hand carved wax models and custom cut or carved gemstones. The diversity of techniques and the combination of talent within the Different Seasons Jewelry team results in heirloom quality jewelry, made with a dedication to excellence that continues to grow.

jessa anderson

Jessa Anderson’s designs are influenced by organic themes, flora and fauna, turn of the century jewelry such as Art Nouveau and the natural beauty within the extraordinary gemstones she most admires. She spends much of her time dreaming up new creations by embracing the miracles of nature, using that inspiration in her designs and ultimately bringing them to life. Jessa finds joy in the transformational process of her concepts being formed into completed jewelry through the unique collaborative process she shares with her life partner Mark Anderson. This process begins first on paper and ultimately transforms into precious metals and gemstone jewelry. Mark Anderson’s ability to cut or carve any gemstone that her design’s require has opened up a world of possibilities in Jessa’s jewelry. Applying many old school techniques intertwined with her use of her own hand drawn designs, Jessa finds joy in creating jewelry of personal significance which reflects the qualities of each person she works with as well as the freedom to create jewelry inspired by her own imagination and the passion she has for her craft.

mark anderson

Mark Anderson is an inspired and talented jeweler and lapidary artist with a passion for using the highest quality exotic gemstones he can find. His individual works are modern, classic and impeccable in quality and design. He specialized in inlay, hand engraving, casting his own hand carved wax models and his rare knowledge of lesser known gem materials such as gem dinosaur bone, or “Gembone”. His gemology knowledge is well-known in his field and his knowledge has been published in magazines and books, including 4 books by gemologist author Renee Newman. His gem dinosaur bone specimens, jewelry and gemology information was instrumental in a chapter on gem dinosaur bone in the book Exotic Gemstones Vol. 2 by Renee Newman. His quest to find only the best material available has resulted in an exceptional collection of gemstones, including some of the most beautiful gem dinosaur bone seen in jewelry. Each piece of jewelry is an entirely hand fabricated or custom cast original. He is known for being a perfectionist in both lapidary and metalsmithing and for the passion and dedication he displays in growing both as an artist and a business owner. He is devoted to building a business that not only creates exceptional jewelry but can also help others and the world around him.

Mark Anderson at the Deer Creek fire agate mine sourcing high end rough for Different Season’s jewelry and Mark’s own lapidary arts creations.

Different Seasons Jewelry